Key instruments for our photochemical research activities are..

an LP980 laser flash photolysis system with both CCD camera and PMT detection combined
with two Nd:YAG lasers and OPO for wavelength flexibility and ...

a miniTau TCSPC instrument for monitoring short lived species, which is equipped with three pulsed excitation sources (300, 375 and 450 nm).

Furthermore, we use an FL 6500 spectrometer for steady-state emission spectroscopy and, in combination
with cw lasers (blue, green, red), versatile photon upconversion measurements.

To develop educational experiments, we work with a transient absorption (TA) setup from Thorlabs. We compare the results obtained with this inexpensive mini TA setup to those recorded using the big brother (LP980 shown above). This allows us to develop meaningful and easy-to-perform experiments in the context of mechanistic studies in photochemistry.

Photocatalysis and general irradiation experiments are carried out in our group using Kessil LEDs.