Kerzig Research Group


After very successful BSc theses with us,  both Nico and Katharina have been awarded a "Deutschlandstipendium". Congrats!

Rebecca Full joins the group for a research internship. Welcome, Rebecca.

Matthias receives a prestigious Kekulé PhD fellowship from the FCI. Congratulations!

David successfully defended his thesis and a collaborative paper with the Gilmour lab has been accepted. It's time for the 1st BBQ in the summer term.
Our project within SFB1552 has been selected for funding. Stay tuned for "unusual" systems for light-driven hydrogen generation. Tailor-made supramolecular structures and defects will be the key to success.

Christoph received the prestigious ADUC award (at the Chemiedozententagung in Dresden) and
a review on vis-to-UV UC that we wrote with the Yanai lab has been published in Angewandte.
Furthermore, Matthias and Christoph attended a very well-organized Lorentz workshop on
photocatalysis. Exciting semester break!

Dr. Felix Glaser arrived in Mainz as the 1st postdoc of the group. Welcome Felix.

A new paper has been accepted. This time a collaborative project with the Heinze and Manolikakes labs, to which Arne significantly contributed with mechanistic studies using transient absorption spectroscopy.

Till received this year's prize for the best chemistry-related M.Sc. thesis of our Faculty.
We had a very nice Christmas party/seminar with a kinetics quiz, bowling, cookies and some cups of "Glühwein" at the X-mas market.
Our laser setup is now capable of measuring samples at 77K owing to a new Dewar with cuvette (or EPR tube) holder. Let the phosphorescence begin, not only for metal complexes ...

Our collaborative paper with the Yanai lab, which is also one main project of Till's PhD, has been published in Angewandte Chemie. The press release can be found here.

Another DFG project dealing with highly reactive triplet states and unusual energy transfer photochemistry has been selected for funding.
The GDCh Photochemistry conference "is coming home". We are looking forward to a great photochemistry meeting in Mainz, which will take place in September 2024.
Matthias successfully defended his MSc thesis. Congratulations!
Luckily, he will re-join the group as a PhD student in a few weeks.

The summer term is over, but it is never getting boring.
Christoph organized an FCI PhD fellow meeting in Mainz and we had a nice group trip (see figure above).

Arne's 1st first-author paper has been published with contributions by former BSc student Julius and current MSc student Matthias. Great teamwork!

Till receives a prestigious PhD fellowship from the DBU. Congratulations!
Nico Perez Lopez joins our group for his BSc project. Glad to have you onboard, Nico.

Katharina Hermainski joins our group for her BSc thesis. Welcome Katharina!

Our visiting PhD student arrived in Mainz. He came from Valencia and his stay is supported by the Erasmus+ program. Welcome, Jorge!

A nice paper on energy transfer catalysis by the Opatz group has been
published, including some mechanistic studies from our group. Thank you
for your hard work Till.

The new year starts with a nice surprise. Christoph has become an elected board member of the photochemistry section of the GDCh.

Till's 1st first-author paper on blue-to-UV upconversion has been accepted by J. Mat. Chem. C and we are about to install a second Nd:YAG laser for our laser flash photolysis setup.

Julius' bachelor thesis has come to an end - a very successful end with novel metal complexes possessing excited-state lifetimes on the order of 100 microseconds. Well done Julius!

Till successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations! We are looking forward to September, when you will
rejoin our group.

Till submitted his outstanding M.Sc. thesis and Sophie's paper - the 1st one of our young group - has been accepted. Two great achievements. Congrats!

Our project "PhotonUp4Cat" got selected for funding. Many thanks to the German Research Foundation.
We are looking forward to novel upconversion systems.

Two new group members in one week. We welcome Alexandra for her research internship and our
transient absorption/emission setup (LP 980 with PMT and CCD camera) is finally ready to use.

Sophie has been awarded a prestigious PhD fellowship from the Chemical Industry Funds. Congrats.

Arne joined the group for his PhD. Great to have you on board!

Till Zähringer joined the group for his Master thesis. Welcome Till!

Maria-Sophie relocated to Mainz and started as the 1st PhD student of the newly established Kerzig Group. Welcome Maria-Sophie, it's great to have you here!
Our high-power Kessil LEDs arrived in Mainz - let the photochemistry begin.